Amazing Business and Household App

For reporting and responding to environmental issues, emergencies and crimes, with utilities.

What Awajima Africa can be used for!

It would save lives and properties, boost business, and save the environment.​

For Real Estates and Properties

Users would be able to search for accommodation, properties to buy or hire and rent, and do much more.

Boat Booking

People at the Riverine area can now be able to book their favorite means of transportation to their different destinations across Africa.

Event Center Bookings

User can search for and book the available event centers across their climes, with ease.

Environmental Issues Reporting

Bad roads, pollution and every other environmental issues can now be reported directly to the authorities, for immediate actions.

Emergencies and Crimes Reporting

LRape, Child abuse, drug abuse, fire outbreake, flooding, robbery, kidnaping, car jarking, etc can now be reported immediately.

AwajiPay Services

A third party settlement system for ongoing processes, or jobs, requires the staked money to be in a safe hands, this is what AwajiPay does.

Awajima Africa design

Awajima “The future is now”.​